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Mr. Price is a large omnichannel fashion retailer that sells many product categories, from underwear, footwear, accessories, to living room decor products.

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The company is following a pattern of expansion that has been occurring for a few years now, in a more accelerated way, which is why it is opening several job openings in all sectors of the company.


Therefore, in this article, we will guide you through the necessary information and all the details to make sure you get a position. Go ahead and see all the details below.

Main Benefits of job at Mr. Price

After understanding that Mr.Price is in the process of mass hiring, it is worth checking out the main benefits of working for this company:

1. Health Care

Mr.Price seeks to ensure that associates and their families have access to health care by receiving access to certain Discovery and Momentum Plans, as well as Gap Cover.

The Company will contribute 50% of the monthly fees for our associates and their legal dependents.

2. Loyalty Bonus

Members are entitled to receive a loyalty bonus in the month of December each year, up to a maximum of 100% of the member’s salary, depending on the member’s length of service.

This is not guaranteed and will be paid at the discretion of the company, depending on various factors including, but not limited to, the company’s business results and profitability.

3. Incentives

In addition, we can say that associates are eligible to receive performance incentives based on company and individual performance. In this case, incentives are paid at the end of the fiscal year, and in stores they are paid quarterly.

4. Employee Discount

Associates are entitled to up to 20% off merchandise at all Mr Price Group stores, including Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport, Sheet Street and a 33% discount at Miladys.

What jobs are Available at Mr. Price?

Certainly, if you need a job opening, these may be the best options. So pay attention to each of the available jobs and choose yours:

1. Accounting / Finance

This function is one of those that are in a state of urgency at Mr. Price. So if you have the necessary knowledge and training in the field, this could be your place.

Positions are open for Managerial Accountant, Financial Accountant, Finance Manager, Creditors Clerk, Group Accountant, to name a few…

2. Marketing

On the marketing team, you’ll have big flights to aim for. In this sense, we can say that you will be part of the team that plans media space – from print to online, from TV to radio.

There are openings for brand manager, marketing/media events coordinator, chief creative officer, graphic designer, photo coordinator, to name a few…

3. Retail Operations

Certainly, if retail is your passion, and you chat regularly, this will be your role. Your role could be any of the following.

Store Manager/Leader, Area Manager Assistant Manager/Store Leader, Sales Associate, Store Associate, to name a few…

4. Logistics / Supply Chain / Resourcing

Logistics is a very important part, since, if done correctly, it gets everything to the right place at the right time.

For this position, you need to be process driven to coordinate shipments to over 1,000 stores (locally and internationally).

Jobs open for Resource Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Shipping Coordinator, DC Manager/Supervisor, to name a few…

5. Visual Merchandising

If you are a highly creative person, this could be your role at Mr. Price. This is a fast moving department where your ability to create original and inspiring displays can help you maximize sales opportunities.

Additionally, you could be a Visual Display Artist, Visual Merchandiser, Style Photo Coordinator, Graphic Designer (VM), to name a few…

6. Merchandise Planning

Performing this task is quite interesting and challenging, since multitasking will take place. So if you are a person who enjoys that quick flow of calculations and organization, feel free to take the job.

We have vacancies for Trainee Planner, Junior Planner, Planner, Brand Merchant, to name a few…

How To Apply at Mr Price Recruitment Portal Jobs?

After checking out just half of all the jobs at Mr Price, your time of being part has come. If you like it, you can submit your online application for the latest Mr Price vacancies by following the steps below:

  1. TAP HERE and You will be redirected to Mr Price Career Portal.
  2. Browse all the Job Available at Mr Price and select the best Positions that suit your qualification.
  3. Cross-check the Mr Price New Post Requirements and Download the Mr Price Job Application Form 2023.
  4. Fill out the Job Vacancies at Mr Price application form and Attach the Required Documents.
  5. Finally, Submit the form at their Career Portal or on their email ID (as prescribed in Mr Price Job Vacancy).

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